Oklahoma City Map and Map of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City on Map | Where is Map

Oklahoma City Map and Map of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City on Map

Oklahoma City Map

The capital of Oklahoma, with its nearly 644,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in the state and number 31 on the list of the largest cities in the United States by population. If, on the other hand, the area is taken as a benchmark, it is the eighth largest city in the country.

The history of the city’s creation is remarkable, because within a few hours of its founding on April 22, 1889, Oklahoma City already had more than 10,000 inhabitants. The reason for this was a “land run” organized by the government, in which each of the approximately 50,000 participants was awarded the right to the approximately 0.65 km2 piece of Land, which he claimed first.

It is the mix of Native Americans, ranchers, rich oil barons, up-and-coming Yuppies and the down-to-earth people of the Great Plains that characterizes this city. The capital of Oklahoma has largely kept its rather quiet atmosphere, but on the other hand is alive and ready for the future after the oil business.

A very expensive and extensive program to redesign the city has given Oklahoma City one of the most beautiful Downtowns in the USA and often OKC ends up high in investigations of the quality of life of American cities.

Oklahoma City on Map
Oklahoma City on Map
Oklahoma City Map
Oklahoma City Map
Map of Oklahoma City
Map of Oklahoma City

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