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I just left my boyfriend of a year.

I just left my boyfriend of a year. The first relationship that lasted longer then just a month or two. I truly loved him and he did me at first but the last few months have been HELL!

He always ran me down , could never say anything nice and never did I hear him speak to me without him calling me a bad name. In the beginning of our relationship I was young and dumb and did stupid shit that hurt him and he held onto it and let it build and build till now he thinks I’m the evil witch of the west… I am 19 and he is 38. We both deal with depression among other things.

But he told me he would always be there for me … he wouldn’t ever turn on me.. and that no matter what he would love me. I told myself take one chance girl and I did and wish I never had. I lost everything because of him and now feel like shit about myself and I keep telling myself that somehow I deserve this but I just don’t know.

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