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I didnt give up because I am strong

Hello there you strong beautiful women of favebook, I’ve finally built up the courage to post this:

My name is Lauren I am 23 & autistic
3 months ago I was left stranded by family, I got told to never return home or back in my home town, i had threatening phone calls by those that I thought loved me, bringing me down and making me feel worthless in myself, I still tried to remain as strong as I could. I couldn’t cry, It was built up more and more and i eventually hid all the hurt and it’s still in me now, nothing can bring out the emotions i am feeling. It’s been 3 months and I’ve still heard nothing, I had a few messages off my younger sister but that was about it I’ve heard nothing since, I have a 1 year old nephew who calls out my name and I am not there to tell him I love him, I get blamed for the things THEY DID, I found out I was being financially abused by the family, police had been informed and they even said the same thing and they was willing to let me stay with my boyfriends family as they could see i was safe and well looked after, i realised they had taken things out of my name and not paid them leaving me in terrible debt. I’m meant to be this vulnerable young girl who still has a life ahead of her., with support of my boyfriend and his family I would of been left on the streets but they took me in as their own and put a roof over my head and helped me move forward. I dont even get to see my grandparents because I cannot step foot in my hometown but them phone calls make my day

I didnt give up because I am strong no matter how hard I feel I may fall I’ll still remain this young strong woman ❤

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