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Capital of Indonesia

Capital of Indonesia – Jakarta is capital of Indonesia and biggest city in country. Located is north-west in Java land. Jakarta is most crowded in whole Southeast Asia and are capital of economic, culturel and politic center of all country. Jakarta is another named ‘Big Durian’ between expatriates.

Where is Jakarta

The city despite known heavy traffic and high level of pollution, It has filled exciting a nightlife and live shopping areas. Different of Indonesia’s culturel Also, will causes like to Jakarta. Jakarta is known industry center and goverment center since most devolepment in Indonesia. But, All city people very hard works for that.

Jakarta is one of the most cities in Asia. Of course It has to invade with administrations and conversions different season that It has prospered. Jakarta is almost same a cornet from heaven for really want to discovery tourist.

Map of Jakarta

Pictures of Jakarta

Capital of Indonesia
Capital of Indonesia

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