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Capital of China and Currency

Capital of China and Currency – Beijing is capital of China and second biggest metropol area after shanghai city in country. It has neighborsHebeiiline, Tianjin. Beijibg alsı one of the four major capitals in China.

Capital of China

The city who one of the most biggest cities in world, as a transportation hub in China, It has many center of railway and highway. Therefore, It is a center many of flight that incoming flights. Beijing also known politics, education and center of cultur in county, too Shanghai and Hong Kong more known economic areas. Beijing hosts Summer Olympics in 2008.

Quick facts

Country China
Municipality Beijing
Population 11,716,620
Elevation 49 m over sea level
Time Zone CDT
Longitude 116.397230
Latitude 39.907500
Area 16,801 Km2 (6,487 mi2)
Airports Beijing Nanyuan Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport
Page on World Atlas Beijing

Why was the capital of China moved to Beijing?

‘Beijing’, According to naming tradition in far East Asia Countries, it means ‘Capital of North’. Thats smilar names between cities that it means, there are many capital such as ‘Capital of South, Capital of West or Capital of East’

What was the capital of China in 1937?

in 1937, Japon occupied to Beijing. But, after China army were won war and back city from Japan by communists in January 1949.

What is the capital city of China today?

Today, capital of Beijing.

What was the first capital city of China?


Map of Beijing

Capital of China
Capital of China and Currency

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