Which part of Europe is Romania in? | Where is Map

Which part of Europe is Romania in?

Which part of Europe is Romania in? – Romania is located in Central Europe and is a European country. It is bordered by Bulgaria to the east of Romania, Serbia to the southwest, Ukraine to the north and Ukraine to the northeast, Moldova to the northeast, Hungary to the northwest.

Where is Romania?

Romania has a long history and Romania is the ninth largest country in the European Union. Romania consists of provinces, cities and communes. It is also divided into 9 regions and the capital of Romania is the city of Bucharest.

Bucharest city is also the most crowded city in the country. The official language of the Romanian country is Romanian. In addition, Hungarian, German, English and French languages are spoken in the country.

Romania has a secular state structure. The majority of the country’s population is Roman Orthodox. The country’s currency is Romanian lady. With a typical land climate, you can visit Romania every season.

Romania is among the countries requiring a visa. There are direct flights from America to Bucharest the capital of Romania.

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