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Where, What Country and Continent is Senegal?

Where is Senegal and What Country and Continent is Senegal? – Senegal is located in West Africa and is an African country. Mali to the east of Senegal is located in the Atlantic Ocean to the West, Guinea to the South, Mauritania to the North.

Where is Senegal?

The lake of Retba is known as the pink Lake in Senegal. Lake retba is the country’s most tourist attraction. Senegal consists of 14 regions. Senegal is the capital city of Dakar. Dakar city is also the most populous city in the country. The official language of Senegal is French. In addition, Mongolian, Arabic, Soninke, Jola and Mandinka languages are spoken in the country.

Quick facts

Population 12,969,606
Density 67.4 / km2 ( 174.5 / mi2 )
Language French
Independence Year 1960
Capital Dakar (Dakar)
Currency CFA Franc BCEAO
GDP 15,578,916,865 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 1,201 (2014 data)
Land Area 192,530 km2 (74,336 mi2)
Water Area 4,192 km2 (1,619 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries MaliMauritaniaThe GambiaGuinea-BissauGuinea
Minimum Longitude -17.530
Maximum Longitude -11.350
Mininum Latitude 12.310
Maximum Latitude 16.690


94% of the population of Senegal is Muslim. The country’s currency is the CFA franc. Senegal has tropical climate. Therefore, the air temperature throughout the country is always high. The best time to visit Senegal is between November and February. Senegal is one of the countries requiring a visa. There are direct flights from America to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Map of Senegal

Picture of Senegal

Where, What Country and Continent is Senegal
Where, What Country and Continent is Senegal


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