Where is Yemen? Located on the World Map | Where is Map

Where is Yemen? Located on the World Map

Where is Yemen? – Yemen is a country in Arabian peninsula, Middle East and West of Oman, South of Saudi Arabia. Yemen is coastline Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and Red Sea.

Where is Yemen?

Yemen is other offical named Yemen Republic is one of country that leader rolled in Arab springs. Yemen is a trade center since ancient times and most important countries in the Arab world. But, it loses former importance discovering of Cape of Good Hope. Because of Yemen’s trade connection, There are serious culturel different between various groups that these groups growing within the country.

Population who they live Hadramvet religion, carry traces differents of southwest Asia, living on the coastal to carry traces African cultural influences and living on the Aden gulf who carry trace of Indian peninsula’ culturel. San’a (Capital of Yemen) is list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Map of Yemen

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Where is Yemen

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