Where is Wicklow Ireland? Map of Wicklow | Where is Map

Where is Wicklow Ireland? Map of Wicklow

Located south of Dublin, County Wicklow is a coastal beauty in the Ancient East of Ireland. It also has the special privilege of being one of the three counties that make up the “Viking triangle” of Ireland, named after the important influence of the Nordic invaders present here, in Waterford and Wexford.

Where is Wicklow Ireland
Where is Wicklow Ireland

I remember with some nostalgia the first time I visited County Wicklow in Ireland. The last century exhaled its last breath, the euros were still a future promise and Dublin had become my new home for a few months.

My hobby of hiking inclined me to study, during my free time, all the mountain maps I found in the central Eason bookstore on O’Connell Street and the Wicklow Mountains were my first foray into the magic that soaks, like the first dewdrops of the day, the ancient forests of Ireland.

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