Where is Whitianga New Zealand? Map of Whitianga | Where is Map

Where is Whitianga New Zealand? Map of Whitianga

Whitianga is a unique destination and enjoys the most incredible landscapes of the North Island of New Zealand.

Whitianga is a small fishing village at the foot of a beautiful beach. There is no need to have a car or use public transport in your day to day life in this little town. It is easy to get around by bike and walking.

Where is Whitianga New Zealand
Where is Whitianga New Zealand
Map of Whitianga
Map of Whitianga

The people of Whitianga are lovely, it is very easy to make friends with the local people over the course of a few days, it is a very safe and family destination.

Whitianga is a summer, coastal and fashionable town in New Zealand, many people from Auckland have holiday homes in Whitianga, so in summer and Easter it is usually quite lively.

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