Where is Westport New Zealand? Map of Westport | Where is Map

Where is Westport New Zealand? Map of Westport

While gold mining brought Westport to life, it is coal mining that keeps it alive. From here, you can organize a descent of underground rivers, practice sports caving or sailing on jet skis.

Where is Westport New Zealand
Where is Westport New Zealand

In the beginning, the town of Westport was dedicated to the extraction of gold and, later, to the extraction of coal. The coal mining museum offers an insight into what it’s like to work in the depths of the earth.

Westport is also a hub for outdoor adventures such as jet skiing, groundwater boating, sport caving, rafting, and kayaking. Among the tourist attractions, there are ancient coal mining villages, relics of gold mining, excursions in the forests and coastal walks. Near Cape Foulwind, there is a colony of sea lions. Depending on the season, up to a hundred New Zealand sea lions can be found in the vicinity. Check out the local art and craft galleries, whose works are mainly produced in the area.

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