Where is Weston Florida? What County is Weston in | Where is Map

Where is Weston Florida? What County is Weston in

The city of Weston is a planned community, very close to Miami, designed by a Disney Group company. It is considered one of the best cities to live in the United States, according to the famous Money magazine. Still, according to studies by the security company SafeHome, Weston is the third safest city in the country, which also makes it the safest in Florida. The region also has excellent schools, parks and hospitals, which gives its residents a unique quality of life.

Where is Weston Florida
Where is Weston Florida

Weston belongs to Broward County and is located in the extreme west of the county, bordering the Everglades and all the nature and tropicalism that the region offers. The city is still close to Fort Lauderdale, the famous Sawgrass Mills outlet and only 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches of South Florida.

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