Where is West Sacramento California? What County is West Sacramento in | Where is Map

Where is West Sacramento California? What County is West Sacramento in

West Sacramento Localisation : Country USA, State California, County Yolo. Nearby cities and villages: Sacramento, Davis and Elk Grove. In West Sacramento, California, with a population of 48,744 inhabitants, there have been 189 violent crimes, 4 murders, 23 rapes, 73 robbery with intimidation, 89 assaults, 1,272 crimes against property, 325 residential robberies, 742 robberies, 205 vehicle thefts, 24 arson attacks in the last year.

Where is West Sacramento California
Where is West Sacramento California
West Sacramento
West Sacramento

Near West Sacramento is located:

Sacramento with a population of 466,488 inhabitants. In the past year there have been 4,165 violent crimes, 30 murders, 179 rapes, 1,606 burglaries, 2,350 assaults, 21,001 property crimes, 5,135 residential robberies, 11,720 robberies, 4,146 vehicle thefts, 168 arson attacks.
In California, the state where West Sacramento is located, weighting the average to the population of West Sacramento (the average city in California has 66,087 inhabitants, West Sacramento has 48,744), we obtain that for the same number of inhabitants there were: 232 violent crimes (compared to 189 in West Sacramento, 18% more), 3 murders (4, 37% less), 11 rapes (23, 51% less), 91 robbery with intimidation (73, 20% more), 127 assaults (compared to 89, up 30%), 1,262 property crimes (down 1,272, down 1%), 299 residential burglaries (down 325, down 8%), 801 burglaries (up 742, up 7%), 222 vehicle thefts (205, 8% more), 12 arson (24, 52% less).

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