Where is West Hollywood California? What County is West Hollywood in | Where is Map

Where is West Hollywood California? What County is West Hollywood in

West Hollywood is synonymous with the luxury and glamour of the Californian scene. Known for its exquisite shops, world-class restaurants and thriving entertainment industry, this walkable city attracts visitors from all over the world with its star-studded charm. From the innovative Design District to the chic boutiques of the Sunset Strip and the energetic setting of Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood offers excitement, culture and history against the spectacular backdrop of Los Angeles, and you can see it all from a sparkling rooftop pool.

Where is West Hollywood California
Where is West Hollywood California
West Hollywood
West Hollywood

West Hollywood is the epicenter of alternative living in Los Angeles. A place where the best designers in the world make their dreams come true and where art abounds in all its corners. A city where the LGTBI community has a greater presence and where thousands of art and culture events worth knowing are held every year.

Colloquially referred to as ‘WeHo’, it is located on the west side of Hollywood, L.A. and borders Beverly Hills. You will love it for its intensity, the nightlife, its cultural events or for being one of the districts where the best parties in the county are held.

Comedy clubs, live music venues, shops, nightclubs and bars with an LGTBI atmosphere are some of the places you will find around here. So, if you are planning to travel to Los Angeles, do not hesitate to take a walk through the cheerful and colorful West Hollywood. Fasten your seat belts. We’re leaving!

Although the history of the West Hollywood area dates back to the eighteenth century, its official foundation dates back to 1984, being included as a city of Los Angeles County, California. It is bounded by the Hollywood Hills to the north, by Beverly Hills to the west, by Hollywood to the east, by Los Angeles Faifax to the southeast and by Beverly Grove to the southwest.

It is estimated that it has about 35,000 inhabitants, being a dense urban enclave with more than 7000 inhabitants /km2. To give you an idea, the population density of Madrid or Los Angeles is approximately 800 people per km2.

That is why you will always see a lot of atmosphere in its main urban arteries, highlighting the Santa Monica Boulevard or Robertson, Melrose and Beverly Avenues. Shops, boutiques, art, design and cinema halls, restaurants and nightclubs are located there. The inhabitants of West Hollywood have their residences in the neighborhoods of the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, West Hollywood East and West Hollywood Heights.

The climate of WeHo is subtropical, so its temperature is very warm throughout the year. To give you an idea, in West Hollywood it has reached 43ºC in its most extreme temperatures.

Although also in winter it can be the case that the temperature is below 0ºC, so if you are planning to enjoy Christmas in Los Angeles do not hesitate to bring warm clothes.

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