Where is Warrnambool Australia? Map of Warrnambool | Where is Map

Where is Warrnambool Australia? Map of Warrnambool

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road ends just east of this attractive seaside town, which puts you on a short journey of natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles and Martyrs Bay.

Where is Warrnambool Australia
Where is Warrnambool Australia
Map of Warrnambool
Map of Warrnambool

Here, piles, arches and steep caves have been sculpted from multicolored limestone by the raging Southern Ocean.

This is a coast with a heartbreaking past, claiming over 600 vessels over the centuries, and the Maritime Village Flagstaff Hill will give you the background to these disasters.

In winter, Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool is a birthing site for southern right whales, and you can witness the show from a panoramic viewpoint.

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