Where is University Park Texas? What County is University Park in | Where is Map

Where is University Park Texas? What County is University Park in

What county is University Park Texas in?

University Park is in Estados Unidos (USA) (Dallas County, Texas) in the America/Chicago time zone. Nearby places are Highland Park, Dallas and Farmers Branch. There have been 12 violent crimes, 0 murders, 1 rapes, 8 robberies with intimidation, 3 assaults, 416 property crimes, 63 home burglaries, 332 burglaries, 21 vehicle thefts, 0 arsons in University Park, Texas with a population of 23,068 in the last year.

Where is University Park Texas
Where is University Park Texas
University Park
University Park

Near University Park is located:

Addison with a population of 13,056. Last year there were 90 violent crimes, 1 murder, 7 rapes, 35 robbery with intimidation, 47 assaults, 1,019 property crimes, 142 home burglaries, 742 robberies, 135 vehicle thefts, 2 arson.
Carrollton with a population of 126,700. Last year there were 250 violent crimes, 4 murders, 16 rapes, 124 robbery with intimidation, 106 assaults, 4,061 property crimes, 1,085 home burglaries, 2,633 robberies, 343 vehicle thefts, 17 arson.

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