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Where is the world’s highest inhabited city?

What is the highest permanent settlement area in the world? It is the city of La Rinconada located at a height of 5100 meters in Peru. Because of the gold mines around it, people mostly deal with mining. It is known that this city has existed for over 40 years. People are believed to have settled in this region for economic reasons.

World’s highest inhabited city?

In fact, living on high altitudes is not easy for people. Because as the height increases, atmospheric pressure, temperature, the amount of oxygen in the air and humidity decreases.

In addition, due to the decrease in density of the atmosphere, the harmful effects of the sun at high altitudes are felt more clearly. For example, every 1,000 feet increase in altitude causes the intensity of rays of ultraviolet wavelengths to increase by about 10%.

where is the world’s highest inhabited city
where is the world’s highest inhabited city

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