Where is Stonecrest Georgia? What County is Stonecrest in | Where is Map

Where is Stonecrest Georgia? What County is Stonecrest in

Stonecrest is in United States (USA) (DeKalb County, Georgia) in the America/New_York time zone. Nearby places are Redan, Conyers and Panthersville.

Stonecrest, Georgia is a large suburban region that is still establishing itself as the newest city in Georgia.

Where is Stonecrest Georgia
Where is Stonecrest Georgia

This is a predominantly African American community, with some amazing outdoor attractions and great business opportunities.

For travel purposes, Stonecrest and Lithonia are sometimes interchangeable terms.

Lithonia is the city that existed before the incorporation of Stonecrest.

Prior to incorporation, the area now known as Stonecrest had Lithonia addresses first.

Some might still have it.

Lithonia is still there.

It is a small town of about 2,000 inhabitants surrounded on three sides by Stonecrest.

Believe me, that’s the shortest way to sum it up.

The only hotels you’ll find in Stonecrest (or Lithonia) are along I-20, and most of them are near the Stonecrest Mall.

If Stonecrest, Lithonia or Stone Mountain appears in your title, you are in the right place.

The city was created to build a better business, tourism and trade district.

His first stumble came when the city’s founding mayor pleaded guilty to stealing money from pandemic relief funds.

At the time of writing, the city is without a mayor, but it continues to make progress in its development plans.

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