Where is Spring Valley California? What County is Spring Valley in | Where is Map

Where is Spring Valley California? What County is Spring Valley in

Spring Valley is an unincorporated community in San Diego County, California, United States. The community includes the neighborhoods of La Presa and part of the neighborhood of Casa de Oro (in which it extends towards La Mesa).

Where is Spring Valley California
Where is Spring Valley California
Spring Valley
Spring Valley

We don’t have any crime data in Spring Valley, California.

Near Spring Valley is located:

El Cajon has a population of 99,478 inhabitants. Last year there were 461 violent crimes, 2 murders, 29 rapes, 226 robbery with intimidation, 204 assaults, 2,609 property crimes, 487 home burglaries, 1,562 robberies, 560 vehicle thefts, 17 arson.
La Mesa with a population of 57,065. Last year there were 225 violent crimes, 0 murders, 11 rapes, 112 robbery with intimidation, 102 assaults, 1,782 property crimes, 355 home burglaries, 1,188 robberies, 239 vehicle thefts, 9 arson.
Lemon Grove has a population of 25,320. Last year there were 203 violent crimes, 0 murders, 14 rapes, 74 robbery with intimidation, 115 assaults, 475 property crimes, 166 home burglaries, 200 robberies, 109 vehicle thefts, 4 arson.

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