Where is Smithfield North Carolina? What County is Smithfield in | Where is Map

Where is Smithfield North Carolina? What County is Smithfield in

The town of Smithfield belongs (from largest to smallest) to the state of North Carolina and Johnston County.

The town of Smithfield covers 29.6 km2, has 12,965 inhabitants (2008 census) and a density of 438.01 inhabitants per km2. The average altitude is 45 m.
The current mayor of Smithfield is Daniel Evans. There have been 94 violent crimes, 0 murders, 7 rapes, 23 robberies with intimidation, 64 assaults, 1,012 property crimes, 280 home burglaries, 690 burglaries, 42 vehicle thefts, 0 arsons in Smithfield, North Carolina with a population of 12,965 in the last year.

Where is Smithfield North Carolina
Where is Smithfield North Carolina

Near Smithfield is located:

Clayton with a population of 16,116. Last year there were 40 violent crimes, 0 murders, 1 rapes, 16 robbery with intimidation, 23 assaults, 371 property crimes, 101 home burglaries, 257 robberies, 13 vehicle thefts, 8 arson.
Selma has a population of 6,073. Last year there were 51 violent crimes, 0 murders, 3 rapes, 9 robbery with intimidation, 39 assaults, 494 property crimes, 235 home burglaries, 223 robberies, 36 vehicle thefts, 1 arson.
Wilsons Mills with a population of 2,277. Last year there were 10 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 0 robbery with intimidation, 10 assaults, 58 property crimes, 37 home burglaries, 17 robberies, 4 vehicle thefts, 0 arson.

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