Where is Sligo Ireland? Map of Sligo | Where is Map

Where is Sligo Ireland? Map of Sligo

The small but friendly city of Sligo, which also gives its name to the county, is a destination that, without having great monuments, is at the same time coveted by many travelers who come to Ireland looking for the most authentic essence.

Where is Sligo Ireland
Where is Sligo Ireland
Map of Sligo
Map of Sligo

Located in the province of Connacht, it is the second town behind Galway, and one of the reasons why it is famous is for the descriptions of its adopted son and Nobel prize in literature, the poet W.B. Yeats, whose remains rest in the Drumcliffe cemetery since his death in 1939.

The bay enclosed by Coney Island and the sandhills protects Sligo from the fury of the Atlantic Sea, connecting Lake Lough Gill via the Garvoge River through the heart of Sligo.

Traditions, legends and the music of Coleman, Westlife and Dervish merge in Sligo to give us a traditional vision of Ireland.

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