Where is Sardinia Italy Located Map? What County is Sardinia? | Where is Map

Where is Sardinia Italy Located Map? What County is Sardinia?

What County is Sardinia?

Sardinia island, also known as Sardinia island (Italian Sardegna), is one of the islands in the Mediterranean. Sardinia island is dependent on Italy. Sardinia island is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily Island.

Where is Sardinia Italy?

Sardinia is located on the western part of Italy and on the southern part of Corsica island. The total area of Sardinia island is 24,090 km2. 69 people fall to km2. The total population of Sardinia island is 1 million 637 thousand 639 people. The official currency of Sardinia island is Euro. The official language of Sardinia island is also Italian.

The history of Sardinia island dates back to ancient times. First people on Sardinia island, M.He. They are people from Balearic Islands and Toskana in 250 years. M. M.He. 8.Cagliari settlement today was established on Sardinia island where Phoenicians came from in the century.

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