Where is Saratoga California? What County is Saratoga in | Where is Map

Where is Saratoga California? What County is Saratoga in

The city of Saratoga, is in California CA (Santa Clara County), United States. In Saratoga, California, with a population of 29,926, there have been 17 violent crimes, 1 murder, 1 rape, 3 burglary, 12 assault, 263 property crimes, 97 home burglaries, 156 burglaries, 10 vehicle theft, 8 arson in the last year.

Where is Saratoga California
Where is Saratoga California
Saratoga California
Saratoga California

Near Saratoga is located:

Campbell with a population of 39,349. Last year there were 116 violent crimes, 0 murders, 13 rapes, 25 robbery with intimidation, 78 assaults, 1,425 property crimes, 248 home burglaries, 1,038 robberies, 139 vehicle thefts, 14 arson.
Cupertino with a population of 58,302 inhabitants. Last year there were 37 violent crimes, 1 murder, 4 rapes, 11 robbery with intimidation, 21 assaults, 1,045 property crimes, 191 home burglaries, 799 robberies, 55 vehicle thefts, 14 arson.

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