Where is Sant Andreu Spain? Map of Sant Andreu | Where is Map

Where is Sant Andreu Spain? Map of Sant Andreu

The Sant Andreu district, of agricultural origin, industrial evolution and a lot of commercial tradition, is transforming at great speed. The changes improve the old industrial spaces and integrate them into the Sant Andreu of all life, that of the Plaza del Mercadal or the church of Sant Andreu de Palomar.

Where is Sant Andreu Spain
Where is Sant Andreu Spain

A district where the most Moderna and innovative character of Barcelona merges with the presence of an old town that lives alien to so many changes, where the commercial and cultural life, heritage of a working class neighborhood and very vindicative, offers entertainment of all kinds to the neighborhood and visitors.

The arrival of the high-speed train (AVE) to Sant Andreu, where it will have one of the two stops in Barcelona at the new La Sagrera station, will mean a before and after for the district.

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