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Where is Salem Virginia? Salem Map

Salem is a city in Salem County (city) in the U.S. state of Virginia.

The small town of Salem is famous in the world for the trials that dozens of women suffered at the end of the seventeenth century on the accusation of witchcraft.

Where is Salem Virginia
Where is Salem Virginia
Salem Virginia
Salem Virginia

But what not many people know is that it was also one of the most important areas of trade with Europe after the arrival of the English to the American continent.

Salem is one of the most historic towns in the entire United States.

The city is famous mainly for the so-called Salem Witch Trials.

Between 1692 and 1693, almost 200 women were accused of witchcraft, and a few dozen were eventually hanged; that’s why today Salem is known as the Village of Witches.

Today it is a small city of 40,000 inhabitants, where the country gathers every year on the occasion of the Halloween holiday, since it is the place where this traditional holiday for Americans is celebrated with the most emphasis.

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