Where is Saginaw Texas? What County is Saginaw in | Where is Map

Where is Saginaw Texas? What County is Saginaw in

Saginaw localisation: Country, State, Texas, United States of America, Tarrant County. Nearby cities and villages : Blue Mound, Sansom Park and Lake Worth. In Saginaw, Texas, with a population of 19,806, there were 51 violent crimes, 0 murders, 3 rapes, 10 robbery with intimidation, 38 assaults, 598 property crimes, 102 home burglaries, 472 robberies, 24 vehicle thefts, 8 arsons in the last year.

Where is Saginaw Texas
Where is Saginaw Texas

Near Saginaw is located:

Blue Mound with a population of 2,394. In the last year there were 3 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 2 robbery with intimidation, 1 assaults, 57 property crimes, 30 home burglaries, 22 robberies, 5 vehicle thefts, 2 arson.
Haltom City with a population of 42,409 inhabitants. Last year there were 139 violent crimes, 0 murders, 5 rapes, 39 robbery with intimidation, 95 assaults, 1,916 property crimes, 478 home burglaries, 1,264 robberies, 174 vehicle thefts, 7 arson.

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