Where is Sachse Texas? What County is Sachse in | Where is Map

Where is Sachse Texas? What County is Sachse in

Sachse Located: Country USA, State Texas, County Dallas. Nearby Cities and villages : Rowlett, Murphy and Garland. In Sachse, Texas, with a population of 20,329 inhabitants, there have been 13 violent crimes, 0 murders, 2 rapes, 5 robbery with intimidation, 6 assaults, 220 crimes against property, 60 residential robberies, 153 robberies, 7 vehicle thefts, 0 arson in the last year.

Where is Sachse Texas
Where is Sachse Texas

Near Sachse is located:

Allen with a population of 84,246 inhabitants. Last year there were 78 violent crimes, 2 murders, 14 rapes, 15 robbery with intimidation, 47 assaults, 1,535 property crimes, 273 residential robberies, 1,198 robberies, 64 vehicle thefts, 0 arson.
Garland with a population of 226,876 inhabitants. Last year there were 608 violent crimes, 7 murders, 54 rapes, 304 robbery with intimidation, 243 assaults, 9,098 property crimes, 2,206 residential robberies, 6,139 robberies, 753 vehicle thefts, 53 arson attacks.

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