Where is Red Sea? Which country is Red Sea located? | Where is Map

Where is Red Sea? Which country is Red Sea located?

Where is Red Sea?

The Red sea is an elongated sea in the Middle East. It is an Inland Sea, which means that it is largely enclosed by the mainland. The Land on both sides is mostly desert.

The Red sea lies between the continents of Africa and Asia. The great Peninsula on the Asian side is called Arabia. To the South is the Bab el-Mandab Strait. There the sea is only 27 kilometers wide. In the Gulf of Aden, it is in the Indian ocean. Because of the warm climate, a lot of water evaporates in the Red Sea, so it is very salty.

There are many countries on the Red Sea: in Africa it is Egypt and Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti. The Arabian Peninsula is home to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel and Jordan. A large city on the Red sea, Jeddah is. In the vicinity of Mecca. The Holy city of the Muslims is about an hour’s drive from the Red sea.

Where is Red Sea
Where is Red Sea

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