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Where is Real Madrid Located?

Where is Real Madrid

Here is a list of some prejudices against Real Madrid.

1. Real is supported by the Royal house
Real Madrid has nothing to do with or is associated with the royal house.

The addition of Real was only awarded to Real Madrid by royal decree in 1920.

Alfonso XIII (grandfather of Juan Carlos) awarded this title to several Spanish clubs during his reign from 1886-1931.
However, Real Madrid is not the first club to receive this addition.

Real Sociedad San Sebastián was the first to receive this addition in 1910. Only this club is known in Spain under the name “Real”.

So to infer something from Real (royal) alone shows how wrong you are.

Info from User Bleca:
The royal house was even critical of Real Madrid for a long time, because Juan Carlos, appointed as a young king after the collapse of the Franco regime, had commissioned studies which organizations benefited from the former Regime and among them was-unfortunately-also Real Madrid.

It is known that the Crown Prince Felipe is a supporter of Atlético Madrid: El Mundo Deportivo

2. The city of Madrid provides financial support to the Association
Within the area of Madrid there are four clubs that play in the first/second division.

Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Getafe and Rayo Vallecano.

For this reason alone, it is unthinkable that the city of Madrid financially supports Real Madrid.

That would be just like saying that the city of Munich is financially supporting Bayern Munich. But the 1860s would soon be on the barricades. (Let’s take out the assumption of the development costs for the surroundings of the Allianzarena by Munich).

However, the fact is that Real Madrid is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madrid and therefore alone contributes to the enrichment of the finances of Madrid.

3. Real Madrid has sold its old Cuidad Deportiva to the city of Madrid.
In 2001, the 14-hectare old training ground was “not” sold to the city of Madrid, but to a private investor group for around 480 million Euros. (OHL, Repsol, Mutua Madrilena and Sacyr Vallehermoso).

They built the “Cuatro Torres Bussines Center”, the highest skyscraper complex in Spain [Cuatro Torres website].

Where is Real Madrid Located?
Where is Real Madrid Located?

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