Where is Raglan New Zealand? Map of Raglan | Where is Map

Where is Raglan New Zealand? Map of Raglan

Raglan is a small beachside town located 48 km west of Hamilton, New Zealand on State Highway 23. It is known for its volcanic black sand beaches and surfing.

Where is Raglan New Zealand
Where is Raglan New Zealand


The Ngāti Māhanga iwi occupied the area around Raglan in the late 18th century. There are at least 81 archaeological sites in the area, mainly near the coast. Limited radiocarbon dating places the earliest sites at about 1400 AD. The Maori called the site Whaingaroa (“the long search”). One tradition says that the Tainui priest, Rakataura, crossed Whāingaroa on his way to Kāwhia. Another says that it was one of the places that the first explorer of Te Arawa, Kahumatamomoe, with his nephew Īhenga, visited on his expedition from Maketū.

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