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Where is Province Lands Bike Trail?

It’s like the desert with the roar of the ocean in the distance. The paths meander through pine-covered dunes that are only occasionally crossed by paved roads. The paths are not flat. It takes more stamina than a casual rider to climb the hills.

Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (lots of glare), a chopstick, a swimsuit and a towel – it’s hot and dry and there are no shops for miles. If you want to go to the sea, a dip in the crystal clear Cape Cod Bay is a refreshment.
Only Restriction? In the curves, it can sometimes happen that San drifts in the corners-slow down and be careful.

Pack Bandaids if you insist on being a daredevil.
On the beach at Herring Cove there is a simple but beautiful gazebo with showers, baths and an excellent snack bar called Fairlands.

Don’t miss the Park Store. Bring your wallet with you as you are tempted by all the books, cards and Souvenirs. They have ads about the Park and a short Video.
I love this place. It is one of the few truly pristine places (the coast of Maine is another) where you can imagine what America was like before it was settled.

Where is Province Lands Bike Trail
Where is Province Lands Bike Trail

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