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Where is Pontefract UK? Pontefract Map

Pontefract is a small town located in the very east of West Yorkshire. It is a rather stricken city, located right in the old mining basin, but it is also a place full of history, which once had much more importance than today.

Where is Pontefract
Where is Pontefract

Pontefract is known throughout England for its Pontefract cakes, liquorice candies in the shape of small discs. The main local confectionery, Dunhills, is now owned by Haribo, which has maintained a factory and a shop in Pontefract. The city is also known for its ruined castle.

Pontefract has no less than three stations, Tanshelf, Monkhill and Baghill, but the latter is one of the least frequented stations in the United Kingdom, with only two trains a day. Tanshelf is the closest to the city center, while Monkhill is near the castle.

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