Where is Palmerston Australia? Map of Palmerston | Where is Map

Where is Palmerston Australia? Map of Palmerston

Where is Palmerston North in Australia?

Palmerston is a coral atoll with half a dozen islets briefly interrupting the choppy surface of the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of the atoll there is a lagoon with turquoise waters where you can catch magnificent specimens of parrotfish to roast them later properly spit.

Where is Palmerston Australia
Where is Palmerston Australia

Politically Palmerston belongs to the Cook Islands, a New Zealand protectorate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The nearest inhabited island, Aitutaki, is 350 kilometers away. Rarotonga, the capital of the archipelago, more than 500. There is no airport in Palmerston and seaplanes cannot land because the coral is so shallow. There is also no port where a ship can dock. Getting there takes at least two days of sailing, although there is no regular passenger service. It is a place, in short, quite remote. And all the inhabitants share the same surname because they are all descended from the same person.

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