Where is Östersund Sweden? Map of Östersund | Where is Map

Where is Östersund Sweden? Map of Östersund

One of the three largest regions of Sweden is Norrland, where there are the most natural parks since its landscape has mountains, streams, forests and even mines. One of the cities of Norrland is Östersund, the largest city in the province of Jätland which is 466 km from Stockholm and has the honor of being the only Swedish city founded in the eighteenth century. Ostersund, in addition, stands on the shore of one of the largest lakes in the country, the Storsjön.

Where is Östersund Sweden
Where is Östersund Sweden

Geographically located in the center of the Scandinavian peninsula and Sweden itself, it is known as the center of Sweden. Until a few years ago it had the largest prison in the country, although it is already closed, and its student population is also very large due to the university. But historically, relationship with tourism comes from the hand of outdoor sports, especially skiing. Today, beyond the possibilities it offers in this area, it is worth taking a walk through the beauty of its urban center.

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