Where is Orange Australia? Map of Orange | Where is Map

Where is Orange Australia? Map of Orange

New South Wales (NSW) is the oldest, most populous and economically strongest state in Australia. The federal capital Sydney is now one of the most important metropolises in the world and is the location of the famous Sydney Opera House, one of the most important landmarks in the country.

Where is Orange Australia
Where is Orange Australia
Map of Orange
Map of Orange

Visitors especially praise the great beaches of the east coast, the breathtaking mountainous country in the center and the subtropical forests in the northeast. Since one of the nicknames of the New South Wales Rugby League team is “The Cockroaches”, in addition to the title New South Welshmen, the term Cockroaches has also established itself as a pet name for local residents. With the words “Newly risen, how brightly you shine”, on the other hand, the government set the official motto of the state. However, on the older license plates you can still read the slogans Towards 2000, The Premier State and The First State. The latter two designations are in the history of NSW with the arrival of the First Fleet on APRIL 26. It was founded in January 1788 at Port Jackson. On this day, the penal colony of Sydney was created and thus the first settlement in Australia.

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