Where is Oamaru New Zealand? Map of Oamaru | Where is Map

Where is Oamaru New Zealand? Map of Oamaru

Penguins are a good reason to stay a few days in Oamaru. At dusk, little blue penguins and blue-eyed penguins walk awkwardly on the shore, settling in for the night.

Where is Oamaru New Zealand
Where is Oamaru New Zealand
Map of Oamaru
Map of Oamaru

The white stone cityscape of Oamaru contains some of the best preserved heritage buildings in New Zealand. In the late nineteenth century, the village prospered through gold mining, quarrying and wood processing. Part of the wealth was devoted to building elegant buildings using local limestone. The Harbour-Tyne Street area is special, and great shopping can be done there.

Oamaru Harbour is home to a colony of small blue penguins, and you can also see yellow-eyed penguins from a special hideout. The best time to observe penguins is before sunset.

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