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Where is Nepal? Located in the World

Where is Nepal? Located in the World – Nepal is a state in South Asia, which includes the central part of the Himalayas. The state has common borders with China and India.

Where is Nepal?

Tourists, lovers of mountain bikes and foot climbing, as well as climbers from all over the world are attracted to Nepal, not only Everest, but also 150 mountain peaks. Viewing local Buddhist temples and monasteries, you can plunge into the beauty of the Middle Ages, touch the mysterious Asian world.

Quick facts

Population 29,890,686
Density 208.5 / km2 ( 540.0 / mi2 )
Language Nepali (macrolanguage)
Independence Year 1768
Capital Kathmandu (Central Region)
Currency Nepalese Rupee
GDP 19,636,186,469 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 657 (2014 data)
Land Area 143,351 km2 (55,348 mi2)
Water Area 3,830 km2 (1,479 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries IndiaChina
Minimum Longitude 80.060
Maximum Longitude 88.200
Mininum Latitude 26.360
Maximum Latitude 30.430

Nepal is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite this, lovers of cultural leisure again and again come back here to plunge into the ancient history of the state, its culture and religion.

Map of Nepal

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Map of Nepal
Where is Nepal

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