Where is Mykolaiv Ukraine? Map of Mykolaiv | Where is Map

Where is Mykolaiv Ukraine? Map of Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv is a large city in the southern part of Ukraine, located on the Southern Bug River, 40 kilometers from the Black Sea coast of the country. The city is the administrative center of the Mykolaiv region. Due to its location close to the Black Sea, Nikolaev has been an important naval and shipbuilding facility throughout its history.

Where is Mykolaiv Ukraine
Where is Mykolaiv Ukraine
Map of Mykolaiv
Map of Mykolaiv

The city was named in honor of the glorious victory of the Russian troops in 1788 – the capture of the Turkish impregnable fortress of Ochakov. The victory was won by Russian soldiers on the day of St. Nicholas, who is the patron saint of sailors. The city itself appeared on the site of a large shipyard and did not have a name until 1789.

Already in 1790, the first warship, the St. Nicholas, equipped with 46 guns, descended from the shipyard stocks. Since then, the city has become a major shipbuilding center. Being an important strategic object, Nikolaev has long been the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. At the end of the 19th century, the city also became an important center of maritime trade, receiving many foreign merchant ships. According to this parameter, Nikolaev soon came in 3rd place after Odessa and St. Petersburg.

During the years of Soviet power, the city continued to produce combat and merchant ships. During the Great Patriotic War, when Nikolaev was captured by the Germans, the latter tried to use the shipyard, but thanks to the powerful underground movement operating in the city, the fascists failed to build anything at the shipyards. Nowadays the city is one of the largest industrial centers of Ukraine. The core of the industry consists of three large shipbuilding plants, for which power and propulsion systems are produced, as well as electronic equipment at auxiliary enterprises. Also in Nikolaev there are several large enterprises of the food industry.

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