Where is Morecambe UK? Morecambe Map | Where is Map

Where is Morecambe UK? Morecambe Map

The village of Morecambe, near Lancaster and just under an hour from Manchester (heading north), is a beautiful location on the west coast of England, near the sea, with valuable views of the bay that bears the same name (Morecambe Bay).

Where is Morecambe
Where is Morecambe

With a population of just under 50,000 inhabitants, this attractive village is considered a place for holidays, but in a very different way from those that could be Blackpool (called “British Las Vegas”), to enjoy long walks by the sea, taste good fish and practice similar activities.

What’s Morecambe famous for?
Which part of England is Morecambe?
Why is Morecambe so run down?
What percentage of Morecambe are white?

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