Where is Monrovia California? What County is Monrovia in | Where is Map

Where is Monrovia California? What County is Monrovia in

Monrovia localisation : Country, United States, State California, County Los Angeles. Nearby cities and villages : Bradbury, Duarte and Arcadia. In Monrovia, California, with a population of 36,590, there were 107 violent crimes, 2 murders, 4 rapes, 45 robbery with intimidation, 56 assaults, 1,068 property crimes, 141 home burglaries, 792 robberies, 135 vehicle thefts, 1 arson in the last year.

Where is Monrovia California
Where is Monrovia California

Near Monrovia is located:

Arcadia has a population of 56,364 inhabitants. Last year there were 115 violent crimes, 0 murders, 5 rapes, 50 robbery with intimidation, 60 assaults, 1,633 property crimes, 329 home burglaries, 1,172 robberies, 132 vehicle thefts, 3 arson.
Bradbury with a population of 1,048. In the past year there have been 0 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 0 robbery with intimidation, 0 assaults, 10 property crimes, 4 home burglaries, 6 robberies, 0 vehicle thefts, 0 arson.

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