Where is Maseru? What Country is Maseru in? Maseru Map | Where is Map

Where is Maseru? What Country is Maseru in? Maseru Map

Maseru is the capital of Lesotho, an African country. Maseru was founded by the British in 1869. Maseru is located in the border region to the west of the country.

Where is Maseru?

There are many places to visit in Maseru. These are the main places to visit throughout the city. One of the most important monuments of the country, the Mokorotlo Monument and museum, the Semonkong waterfalls, which make up a fascinating beauty, 200 meters high, the Katse Valley, Dinazor footprints in Moji and Morij, Maseru golf area, Sotho Stadium, Basotho hat market, thé Lehane Club, Lesotho National Tennis Court and Caledon River surroundings.

Quick facts

Country Lesotho
Province Maseru
Population 118,355
Elevation 1,552 m over sea level
Time Zone SAST
Longitude 27.483330
Latitude -29.316670

The best time to visit Maseru is April and may. Because the air temperatures are not too high. In addition, heavy rainfall is not seen months. There are direct flights from America to Maseru.

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