Where is Malahide Ireland? Map of Malahide | Where is Map

Where is Malahide Ireland? Map of Malahide

Malahide is a small coastal town located about 15 kilometers north of Dublin, and a summer resort for many Irish people. It is mainly known for its castle: Malahide Castle, full of history on all sides.

Where is Malahide Ireland
Where is Malahide Ireland
Map of Malahide
Map of Malahide

Richard Talbot, received in 1174 from the King of England Henry II, these lands and built the castle. The oldest parts date back to the twelfth century and his family lived in them for almost 800 years. There were logically subsequent reforms and extensions over the centuries, for example, the towers were added in 1765. After the death of the last Mr. Talbot in 1973, it was inherited by a sister of this, but he could not take care of the inheritance taxes and had to sell it to the Irish State.

On our trip to Ireland, in addition to getting to know Dublin thoroughly, we visited the pilgrimage site of Glendalough and the mansion and gardens of Powerscourt. Today it was the turn of getting to know Malahide and the Talbot mansion, the small fishing village of Howth and the curious building called Casino Marino.

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