Where is Lutsk Ukraine? Map of Lutsk | Where is Map

Where is Lutsk Ukraine? Map of Lutsk

The heart of Volyn is the city of Lutsk, one of the oldest, most mysterious and most charming cities in Ukraine. It is very famous for its rich and lively history that gives it a particular aspect. Today’s Lutsk successfully combines the monuments of Soviet architecture with the elegance of old buildings dating back to the times of Kievan Rus ‘ and medieval Europe.

Where is Lutsk Ukraine
Where is Lutsk Ukraine
Map of Lutsk
Map of Lutsk

History does not know the exact date of the founding of Lutsk but the first mentions date back to 1085. The documents claim that the powerful fortress of the city did not surrender for six months under the Polish siege. According to historical sources, the fortification was erected in 1000 by Vladimir, the prince of Kiev. At that time the city had the name Luchesk which comes from the word “luc” bend of the river.

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