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Where is Luleå Sweden? Map of Luleå

On the icy northern coast of Sweden is the city of Lulea, capital of Norrbotten County. The city rests on a peninsula of the Gulf of Bothnia and has one of the most important ports in the country, even in winter when the ice puts the icebreaker ships to jam to be able to continue with the activity. The area actually contains about 700 islands and is quite extensive. To the city on time you can get by train from Stockholm.

Where is Luleå Sweden
Where is Luleå Sweden

Lulea already had an important port in the thirteenth century, so there are certain ancient sites that deserve to be visited. Among them a World Heritage Site – the Church of Gammelstad.

This church is a sample of a style of religious building that was once present throughout Scandinavia. You have to travel 10 km to get to know it, upstream, and the temple is the heart of an urban set of wooden houses that were only used on Sundays or at religious festivals to accommodate the faithful who arrived specially and at the end of the day could not return to their homes.

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