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Where is Lancaster Lancashire? Lancaster Map

Lancaster is a town in West Yorkshire, England.
It has the status of “city” (royal appellation, grouping the English municipalities with an Anglican church) since 1937.
In the fourteenth century, Lancaster is the city where the most hangings take place in England, outside London, which earned it the nickname of “Hanging Town”, the City of the Hanged.

Lancaster has about 138,400 inhabitants (2011 estimate).

Lancaster Lancashire
Lancaster Lancashire
Where is Lancaster Lancashire
Where is Lancaster Lancashire

In 1606, during the Norman Conquest of England, the city falls under the control of William the Conqueror. Subsequently, the latter decides to cede Lancaster and its surroundings to Roger le Poitevin.
Lancaster became a municipality in 1193.
Built partly in the thirteenth century on the site of a Roman Fort, Lancaster Castle was then enlarged by Elizabeth I.
In 1612, Lancaster Castle became the scene of the Pendle Witch Trials. Of the 12 accused, 10 end up hanged, which earns the city its reputation as the “City of the Hanged”.
It was not until 1937 that Lancaster officially became a city. Several infrastructures were created at that time, because the city’s port was the most used in the United Kingdom.

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