Where is King’s Lynn, Norfolk? King’s Lynn Map | Where is Map

Where is King’s Lynn, Norfolk? King’s Lynn Map

What county is Kings Lynn?

The city of King’s Lynn belongs to the England Nation, the Norfolk County and the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk district. King’s Lynn is a very important town in Norfolk, it is located very close to the estuary, on the banks of the Great Ouse one of the main rivers of England. This city has a very rich maritime past since it was a very important port in the Middle Ages, which we discovered while walking there.

Where is King's Lynn, Norfolk
Where is King’s Lynn, Norfolk
What county is Kings Lynn
What county is Kings Lynn
King's Lynn
King’s Lynn

We went there during the week, at the very beginning of September. I imagine that in normal times (excluding Covid-19) this city must be very touristy and crowded, but not on this day. It was very nice to have been able to enjoy the city like this.

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Where in the UK is King’s Lynn?
What is Kings Lynn known for?
What is the ethnicity of King’s Lynn?

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