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Where is Keighley Located? Keighley Map

The city of Keighley belongs to the England Nation, the West Yorkshire county and the Bradford district. The distance from Skipton to Keighley is 16 kilometers by road. The road takes about 13 minutes and passes through Eastburn and Farnhill.

Where is Keighley
Where is Keighley

Cliffe Castle is a museum located in Keighley, near Bradford. It is installed in a castle built in the nineteenth century for a textile magnate. The museum is devoted to various rather heterogeneous disciplines (natural sciences, art, crafts, history …). Cliffe Castle is located in the small town of Keighley, a former industrial center. It is a little outside the center, in the middle of a park (20 min walk from the train station). Built around 1830, the castle was largely enlarged around 1870 by the Butterfield family, owners of several textile factories and a shipping company. Immensely rich, they knew the Roosevelt family. The castle became a museum in 1955. Only part of the castle has been kept since practically the entire floor has been demolished. A concrete extension has been added.

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