Where is Istanbul, Turkey? Istanbul Map | Where is Map

Where is Istanbul, Turkey? Istanbul Map

Where is istanbul? and Which country is istanbul? İstanbul is city of Turkey (Europa) and also, is not capital of Turkey. İstanbul is biggest city of Turkey. It has almost population 15 billion people and most crowded is Europa and 6.the big city in the World.

Where is istanbul?

İstanbul location Marmara region and visited by millions of people every year. Visits who is not only foreign tourists also local tourists come the city. Number of tourists are estimated about 8 billion every year. There are many important point in city. For example; Istanbul Walls, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, The Egyptian Bazaar, Haliç, Yerebatan Cistern, Beylerbeyi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque, Topkapi palace, Yıldız palace, Miniatürk, Galata tower.

Where is Turkey?

Where is Ankara?

Capital of Turkey?


İstanbul was do capital city for three big civilization. It is Charming, Head spinning and Dazzling. Absuality you can easily love this city and so hard will leave city.

Quick facts

Country Turkey
Unitary authority Istanbul
Population 11,174,257
Elevation 39 m over sea level
Time Zone EEST
Longitude 28.949660
Latitude 41.013840
Area 5,343 Km2 (2,063 mi2)
Airport Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Map of Istanbul

Picture of Istanbul

Where is Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Map
Where is Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Map

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