Where is Isla Vista California? What County is Isla Vista in | Where is Map

Where is Isla Vista California? What County is Isla Vista in

Isla Vista is a CE-designated place in Santa Barbara County, California. We don’t have any crime data in Isla Vista, California.

Where is Isla Vista California
Where is Isla Vista California
Isla Vista California
Isla Vista California

Near Isla Vista is located:

Gulet with a population of 29,888. Last year there were 51 violent crimes, 0 murders, 1 rapes, 10 robbery with intimidation, 40 assaults, 409 property crimes, 121 home burglaries, 280 robberies, 8 vehicle thefts, 5 arson.
Santa Barbara has a population of 88,410 inhabitants. Last year there were 428 violent crimes, 3 murders, 29 rapes, 109 robbery with intimidation, 287 assaults, 2,885 property crimes, 610 home burglaries, 2,176 robberies, 99 vehicle thefts, 14 arson.
In California, the state where Isla Vista is located, weighting the average to the population of Isla Vista (the average city in California has 66.087 inhabitants, Isla Vista has 23.096), we obtain that for the same number of inhabitants there were: 110 violent crimes, 1 murders, 5 rapes, 43 robbery with intimidation, 60 assaults, 598 property crimes, 142 home burglaries, 380 robberies, 105 vehicle thefts, 5 arson.

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