Where is Iran? Located in The World? Iran Map

Where is Iran? / Where is Iran Located in The World? / Iran Map – Iran is a country located in the south west of the Asian continent. There are many historical buildings and ruins in Iran, which dates back to ancient times. Iran is surrounded by Persian Gulf and Oman Gulf in the South.

Where is Iran?

The country is a neighbor of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Iran consists of 31 administrative regions called “ostan”. Tehran is the capital city of Iran. Persian is the official language of the Iranian nation. Other than Persian, the official language in the country is also spoken in Arabic, Turkish, Iranian Azeri and Armenian.

The majority of the Iranian population is Shiite Muslims. Moreover, Iran is a Muslim country. The best time to visit Iran is April, May or September, October. There are direct and transfer flights to Iran from Istanbul and Ankara every day of the week.

Quick facts

Population 78,868,711
Density 51.5 / km2 ( 133.4 / mi2 )
Language Persian
Independence Year 1502
Capital Tehran (Tehran)
Currency Iranian Rial
GDP 415,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 5,262 (2014 data)
Land Area 1,531,595 km2 (591,352 mi2)
Water Area 116,600 km2 (45,019 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries IraqArmeniaAzerbaijanTurkmenistan


Minimum Longitude 44.040
Maximum Longitude 63.320
Mininum Latitude 25.060
Maximum Latitude 39.780


Map of Iran

Picture of Iran

Where is Iran - Where is Iran Located in The World - Iran Map
Where is Iran – Where is Iran Located in The World – Iran Map


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